Going to Be the Almighty Part-Timer Who Makes Everyone Smile Engendering from the Attitude of Learning and Enjoying Everything!


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This time, we introduce a professional store creator (part-time store staff), Sasayama who joined JINS seven years ago. Her honest attitude and thoughtful attentiveness highly evaluated and have a lot of trust from our customers. In addition to that, she is the core to create a good mood in a store, and her bright and outgoing attitude seems to make a positive impact to creators in other stores, too. We interviewed Sasayama about the appeal of JINS, what she values the most in her job, and her future goals.

All I Can Tell, Customer Service at JINS Is So Fun!
Thanks for a Great Workplace Too

Store Creator (Part-time Store Staff), JINS Akishima,
JINS JP (Japan Division)

It's been seven years since I joined JINS as a part-timer. Basically, I love to provide my customer service and have experienced a couple of works related to customer service, such as restaurants, before I joined JINS, but working at JINS has brought me much of rewarding compared to my previous jobs because I can talk to a customer fully and provide my service in accordance with each customer. There is a customer who has been coming to our store for about five years, and that customer has all the way come to the store at the time I'm there. To me, it's so encouraging by people like that customer.

Further, working at JINS is so fun and a great work environment is also a tip to be able to work here for a long time. At the beginning of when I was hired as a part-timer, my child was only five, so sometimes I had to take a day off due to my child's illness. I couldn't take a day off in my previous workplace and I had to go to work after I left my child in the hospital nursery, and that's stressful and exhausted to me. However, here at JINS, all people said, “Take care of your child” without any disgusting looks whenever I had to take a sudden day off, and that's so helpful and I truly appreciated it.

My child, who was small when I joined JINS, is now a junior high already. Although he doesn’t need many helping hands anymore, sometimes there is a family quarrel triggered by his adolescent anomie these days.... Yet, my job is truly fun, so I feel released from my family mess when I came to my workplace, lol. In that sense, I’m very satisfied to be able to work here.

Hope to Enjoy Wearing JINS Glasses
to All People Who Are Reluctant to Wear Glasses

While talking to customers, I realize that there are many customers who say that I don’t want to wear glasses as much as possible, and I feel still there are many people who are reluctant to “wear glasses.”
In contrast, I would like more people to enjoy wearing JINS glasses.
For instance, to a customer who is with a child, I talk to that customer about the effectiveness of blue light blocking lens for online lessons for the child, after thinking about what if I am a mom of that child what I would do. To resonate with customers, I always try to speak the way to be close to my customer.
Besides that, I sometimes make a suggestion to a customer by looking for glasses which suit that customer that you look more fashionable rather wearing these glasses or why don’t you change glasses in tandem with your clothes, though a different perspective from the customer.
Whether customers liked my suggestion or not, I can roughly feel via their facial expressions. If they liked my suggestion, they always would wear those glasses or buy a next pair of glasses as a backup. Such their positive reaction actually encourages me to feel a sense of achievement.
Ultimately, the best thing is for customers to leave our store with a smile on their faces!
First of all, because of that, I’m going to work with my attitude of “enjoy everything on my own self.”

Keep Learning and Aim to Be the “Almighty Part-Timer”

The challenge I feel right now is to increase knowledge related to the eye. Swamped with providing customer services during work, it's difficult to find time to study, that's the problem. Our vice store manager kindly shared me the contents of what he learned and other store creators also taught me whenever I had unknown things, so their support has helped me a lot, indeed. Increasing my knowledge will widen my suggestion to customers, so I would like to absorb knowledge more and more. If training for part-timers pertaining to the knowledge of the eye is held later, I love to participate in it, definitely.

Also, I want to level up my customer service skill more. I’ve participated in external lessons to improve customer service skills a couple of times, and I learned a lot from those. The instructor was a former cabin attendant, and I felt that studying the way of other industry’s customer service broadened my point of view which brought a lot of things I should learn.

The thing I’m aiming for is to be the Almighty part-timer! I would like others to be surprised, like “Why this person has such multitasking skills, although she is a part-timer!”, lol. Moreover, even though it’s difficult for now to step into other stores to help due to my short working hours, I would like to be the reliable Almighty part-timer whom others say, “Please help our store even if it’s just only for five hours.” Because I love to learn the way of other stores. In the near future, if I can be the one who inspires other part-timers in a way to motivate them through its energetic work while enjoying everything, it would be so nice.

<Comments from Nagasawa, Area Director of Area 24 >

Sasayama is a store creator who works more cheerfully and happily than anyone else in our store.
Her delightful and friendly atmosphere can bring added value services more than our products to our customers through her customer services. Moreover, her attitude to enjoy everything leads our entire store to be more positive.
I recommend her as the best store creator who realizes “Attitude” of JINS the most in the area 24!

※The contents of this article are the information on services and initiatives provided in Japan.

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