From Store Operation to First Head of E-commerce at JINS US I’m still finding my way, but everything’s a challenge—which is why it’s fun!


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In 2020, JINS US decided to position e-commerce as its core business due to the effects of COVID-19. In this report, we introduce Paula, Manager of the e-commerce business, on which JINS US firmly focuses now. Without either knowledge or skill in e-commerce but with a zeal and desire to take on new challenges to spread JINS across the U.S., she works with colleagues to forge a path, aiming to grow further. We asked her about the challenges she and JINS US face daily.

Without either knowledge or skill in e-commerce,
I was promoted to the first head of the e-commerce unit at JINS US!

E-commerce Lab Manager,
E-commerce Customer Center Manager,
E-commerce Sales Manager (new unit), JINS US

I joined JINS US as a new graduate in 2014. After working as a store staff member and an area manager, I have headed the e-commerce business since 2020.

I was a complete novice with neither knowledge nor skill in e-commerce, so I was very surprised when I was sounded out on getting promoted to a managerial role.
At that time, however, we were right in the middle of the COVID-19 pandemic, and JINS US had decided to operate with a focus on e-commerce. The company needed a person in charge. Stores were closing down one after the other. I had a strong sense of crisis, knowing that had to achieve a breakthrough to snap out of this. It was a major challenge; I was very nervous, but I thought I would give it a shot anyhow rather than be afraid of failing.

Nonetheless, because the role of e-commerce sales manager per se was newly created, I had no idea what to do. At any rate, there were tons of things to learn, so I worked feverishly.

To run our e-commerce site, I needed not only to learn how to use tools but to analyze data accurately. I had to identify needs and trends from data to draw up a strategy.
Though I was groping in the dark, I am by nature the type of person who likes numbers. Further, as I had dealt with a lot of customers at brick-and-mortar shops, I could more or less figure out why they responded the way they did while looking at the data, so I feel that my previous experiences in customer service were of great help.

Supported by strong and warm teamwork,
work to make a site that “gets the message across”

While gradually stepping up merchandising in operating the e-commerce site, while sales increased, I felt something was still missing. What I realized based on my observations was that we paid too much attention to the method, i.e., how to sell merchandise on the e-commerce site, but we were not able to communicate the strengths of JINS’ products themselves.

For instance, American consumers widely prefer light frames. JINS offers a wide array of surprisingly lightweight, high-quality, and functional glasses. However, we haven’t been able to fully convey the appeal and the differences with our rivals’ products.
While singling out core items, I will analyze actual sales performance and focus on figuring out how we can communicate JINS’ product appeal to customers, namely, how to “get the message across” thoroughly to our audience via our website.

E-commerce is changing rapidly, providing me with learning experiences every day. When I’m at a loss for ways to give shape to my ideas, my team members give me advice or feedback, providing full support. Through combining the wisdom and experience of many, they help me complete my ideas, for which I’m profoundly grateful, and helps make my job extremely interesting. The good thing about working for JINS is I can take on any challenge I like thanks to all the support from my warm teammates.

“Think glasses, think JINS!”
This is what I want people across the U.S. to say

I’m currently feeling a good response from our 24-hour chat service in the e-commerce business at JINS US. When I became the head of the e-commerce business, I decided I would not let the quality of our services decline online as well, no matter what. I pride myself on JINS’ service being No. 1 in the U.S., and I didn’t want to comprise on this even if we are unable to serve customers in person.

So we launched a chat service to respond as courteously as possible to any inquiry from a customer who shops on our site. Initially, U.S. team staff, including the store manager and me, worked from six o’clock in the morning till midnight, which we found was very effective. We immediately began building a system led by my boss, Suda, to handle inquires around the clock, and after a series of training sessions, we were able to outsource the work to a team in the Philippines.

My goal, for now, is to conquer the entire U.S.
It is a big goal, but I don’t think we won’t be able to meet it thanks to e-commerce.

America is vast, but an e-commerce site is a 24/7 store where you can shop regardless of the time or region. More importantly, JINS boasts great merchandising ability, better than any of our competitors, and first-rate services. If you visit us and use our product just once, I’m confident that you will become a repeat customer.
This is why, while focusing on efforts to let as many people as possible know the beauty of JINS, I’m working to improve our site so that one day, people will say “think glasses, think JINS!”

※The contents of this article are the information on services and initiatives provided in the U.S.

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