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Oshima has joined JINS for eight years now, after changing his job from an eyeglass store. He said, he had a strong sense of crisis about the differences in the awareness of staff between JINS JAPAN and JINS CHINA by knowing initiatives of JINS CHINA showcased at KEKKIKAI 2020. This time, we interviewed him about the trigger which he keenly realized as “a brand is created by action made by each one of store creators,” what he is aiming for, and what kind of proactive efforts he is making as a store director.

KEKKIKAI woke me up to realize
the importance of each one of us thinking spontaneously

Store Director,
JINS LAZONA Kawasaki Plaza & JINS Kawasaki LeFRONT,
Store Operation Group, JINS JP (Japan Division)

Last year’s KEKKIKAI actually made me think about my way of working and how JINS stores should be.
Once JINS CHINA considered temporally close all stores due to the COVID-19 pandemic, creators from each store raised their voice that as long as customers come to their stores, they’d like to open the stores, so a part of the stores decided to keep opening.

As I heard that episode, it incited me to have a sense of crisis because some of the store creators were reluctant to re-open their stores faster than other stores due to the fear of COVID. Of course, at that time, I discussed with our members that let’s do what we can do for JINS now, yet I felt a huge difference between China and us, especially awareness among us. And I felt impatient that if we stay here in the safe zone, we might be suffered from “corporate bureaucracy” which was mentioned by our CEO Tanaka before.

The background that I had such a strong sense of crisis is connected to my past experience. The companies both I worked in as a part-timer when I was a student, and my previous job was bankrupt or bought due to insolvency in the end.
The common point of both is employees became unable to take action by themselves with their own thoughts.
Employees just solely do what they are instructed to do by the company. That is, as long as they don't have any instructions, they wouldn’t do anything to improve their stores, so store sales are declining rapidly. The atmosphere in the store deteriorates, and before you know it, the company goes bankrupt...Through such experience, I keenly realized that everyone in a store actually creates the image of a brand or a company, and it’s important that each one of us work with our own thoughts for fostering the brand.

Three things I personally cherish in order to “think and work”

There are three things which I personally cherish in order to “think and work.”
First, image background and its future concretely as much as possible. Always think deep “why,” “what for,” and “what I should do for it” and try to forecast the future.
Next, learn business skills, behavioral principles, and psychology, those are required in my job and also verbalize those or create a slide to convey to others in an understandable way. The last thing is to challenge proactively and learn from failure. Never be afraid of making mistakes, and when things are finished, I always look back at my behaviors as to why I failed or how I could achieve success.

To creators also, I always throw questions “why” or “how” to clear their awareness of purpose and let them take proper action on their own thoughts. Because people tend to have higher ownership to carry out, continue, and throughout it if a thing is decided by themselves rather than instructed by someone else.
For example, regarding a thing instructed by HQ, I ask myself “why” at first. Then, I ask my team members, “What do you guys think?” “Why do you think like that?”, and “What do you do for that?” to each one of them to think individually after conveying my thoughts, not just telling the instruction from HQ.

The brand image changes depending on behaviors by each store creator

In fact, I worked at another eyeglass store before, other than JINS.
At that time, I visited a JINS store and had quite a positive feeling toward JINS because all store creators looked happy to work there. Contrary, sometimes I had a moment to feel “uh, nice try though, so close” to the store operation. In considering the store where I visited was newly opened, a store creator became awkward, and that proved a lack of knowledge and technique when I asked a specific question although the store creator had a good personality. So, I wanted to create a better brand while supporting in aspects of knowledge and technique by joining myself in JINS. That’s my trigger to join JINS.

After I joined JINS, I’ve become to love JINS day by day and would like our customers to acknowledge my beloved company as a “fantastic and amazing brand.”

To fulfill that, I began to think deeply about what I could do. In these days, not only just instructing knowledge and technique to my store members, I'm also providing a chance to think together about what kind of brand we want JINS to be. Based on understanding the brand vision of JINS altogether, I began to think about creating an environment where everyone can take action proactively after thinking carefully about the action in light of that vision. Value the brand of JINS by each one of us, and take action in an uncompromised way to convey fully the brand value to customers. Through that initiative, all store creators would be able to realize a JINS-like working style. The brand image inhabits inside each customer will be improved depending on behaviors by each store creator, and such good circulation will also be generated, I believe.

Foster a kind of awareness that each creator
is an influencer of the JINS brand

Now, I started to provide training for my area spontaneously. The contents of training are varied in accordance with a timely challenge by taking a survey because if the contents are not matched with an actual challenge, no one will have any interests, which means not useful for our daily work.

I try to communicate with my members matched to their personalities for maximizing their unique abilities and tackle with challenges ahead of them voluntarily.
In keeping on providing the aforementioned initiatives in addition to knowledge and technique training, I have been asked by the training team at HQ a couple of times to consult about what kind of training is ideal for JINS in the future. I re-realized that a big movement would have emerged as a result of my spontaneous action, which led the people around me and also HQ to get involved. Moreover, when I think like “may my opinion change the system of the company big, my activities may change the customer service in JINS for the future,” my job has become much more fun stuff. Since I found the reason which made me become proactive – “the company where I can do XX” rather than “the company can do XX” – I have felt rewarded about my job, and that’s the axis for me working here at JINS.

From now on, I would like to foster store creators who have their own legs to create the brand by their own thoughts in thinking what is the JINS-like action.

< Comments from Nagase, Area Director of Area 20 >

The first thing comes up in my mind when I think about Oshima is “trustworthy.”

In terms of area operation, I have been helped by his thoughts or suggestions, and I think his attitude proves the role model of a “Progressive” JINS person since he always throws questions to the surrounding people, includes me as well, like “why don’t you to change that point to improve your current way” which made me respect him a lot!

The source of his “Progressive” attitude for himself and the people around him is his compassion toward others, so I feel. For example, he tries to understand the thought of JINS in detail when applying a new policy, and always delivers the points to others in his crafted way so that people can visualize the faces of store creators who carry out that policy and also the faces of customers. His way to deliver thoughts with languages which incite us to image faces makes me empathize.

The bottom line of his “Progressive” attitude always asking himself as, “why I should do and what for” consisted of his compassion toward others. Therefore, his existence is trustworthy to JINS aiming at “Magnify Life.”

※The contents of this article are the information on services and initiatives provided in Japan.

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