Achieved the No. 1 Sales Among All JINS: The Next Is to Be the No. 1 Eyeglass Brand in the World Beyond Hong Kong


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In 2020, Hong Kong was on the edge of a precipice due to difficult social situations in addition to surging COVID-19 cases. Conquering such tough times, JINS Hong Kong Harbour City has achieved the world’s best sales in the entire JINS stores in 2021. We asked Wong, a store director of JINS Hong Kong Harbour City, about what he did to enhance sales and what he values in his daily work.

Increased the immense number of store visitors
by taking a measure involving HQ

Store Director, Hong Kong Harbour City,
JINS Hong Kong

Hong Kong Harbour City, where JINS is located, is the biggest shopping mall in Hong Kong and has more than 700 shops, 500 restaurants, and multiple entertainment facilities. Its location is Tsim Sha Tsui in Kowloon, a famous downtown area, so usually it was overflowing with many sightseeing tourists; however, Hong Kong was suffering from socially unstable conditions in addition to the COVID-19 epidemic in 2020, and it led to customers staying at home, which meant our store was on the edge of a crisis.

The shopping mall tried to get customers back to stores by holding a coupon event. At the beginning of the event, our store didn’t join, yet we modified our mind that we’d better join the event after observing other stores, and finally, we joined the event after consultations with a marketing manager in Hong Kong and a supervisor. Soon, the number of store visitors increased, and sales were favorably robust. In the wake of the abrupt and burgeoning increase in the number of store visitors in the short term, a store staff shortage emerged, and that brought negative effects, such as being unable to provide customer service to each of the immense number of customers.

Ensured the service level of JINS by devising all kinds of operations

In Hong Kong, only certified personnel can conduct an eye test, so customers have to wait a long time no matter what, due to limited human resources.
So, I requested more certified staff who are eligible for eye measurement and more helping hands from other stores to come to our store. Furthermore, even in our store, I’ve taken measures, such as if a customer with a purchase history is waiting, we prepare the prescribing data in advance to shorten the waiting time by utilizing maximum efficiency. With new customers, we tried to firmly explain the flow until the purchase was made through our polite customer service, not making them reluctant to purchase while waiting. Despite the shortage of human resources, our store staff tackled providing their fine customer service while looking for a better way. Their attitude of hard-working made me impressed, indeed.

As a result, our sales have remained stable and favorably even after the event, and that led us to being crowned the world’s best sales. Inspired by the event, the customers who got exposure to JINS services and products turned into loyal customers or kindly recommended JINS to their families and friends, which surely contributed to obtaining new customers for us.

A proactive attitude and sharing challenges are key

What I value the most as a store director is nurturing a spontaneous and proactive attitude in our store staff. When I instruct store staff to do work, I always communicate with them to let them understand the true reason behind it, never in a coercive way.
Once they fully understand the true reason behind it and make a move spontaneously from within, they can have their own motivation to pursue a satisfactory result and feel a sense of accomplishment. By contrast, if they feel coerced, they will be stressed or dissatisfied with their work. As long as our store staff failed to enjoy providing their customer service, our store atmosphere would turn gloomy, which would hinder them from providing good service in a true sense.

Also, sharing challenges is important. Everyone in our store pursues the best way that fits them individually in their daily work, and whenever any challenges are discovered, we always share and discuss them with all. Although I sometimes gave advice to our store staff after sharing challenges, likewise, they also gave advice or raised issues with me, so I think we have successfully built a flat and good relationship. Our store staff is like my family now.

Fueled by the inspirational presence of
JINS creators outside of the country

I have attended JINS KEKKIKAI twice, in 2020 and 2021.
And both of them were quite impressive. In 2020, it was like a heartbreaking pain to know about the tough times such as store closures and harsh circumstances in the stores overseas, yet at the same time, I was able to recognize that not only us, but also all JINS stores were struggling. However, even in the context of such harsh circumstances, there were still stores searching for a solution to better themselves, and I became very stimulated by that.

Additionally, at KEKKIKAI 2021, I was inspired by seeing a JINS store in Japan receive an award for improving sales by patterning its customer service methods according to its customer base, and it actually motivated me so much and aroused my eagerness towards my job.
The moment of celebrating our store for achieving the world’s best sales in the entire JINS stores was a time of rejoicing for me. Bearing the fruits of the result of our efforts and recognizing it from the company made me profoundly emotional, and looking at a scene of the happiness of my store staff was so thrilling, it gave me goosebumps.

My future goal is to make people in Hong Kong see that JINS is the No. 1 company in the eyeglass industry.
I want to make JINS an iconic brand that people instantly recognize - just like coffee shops, “Starbucks,” smartphones, “iPhone,” etc., - when people in Hong Kong want to buy a pair of eyeglasses. And also, I want to play an active role in JINS so that I can become an irreplaceable part of the company.

※The contents of this article are the information on services and initiatives provided in Hong Kong.

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