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A “Good Job Card” is a point given among store members to each other to the person who contributes the most to a store in a day. Nosaka, a store creator at JINS atre Matsudo, obtained the most points in the 34th term and was honorably awarded the best store creator. In her third year at JINS, we interviewed her about how she achieved this brilliant award through her own growth in changing her awareness in addition to her current facing challenges.

Focused on a sense of speed to meet the needs
of the customers in a rush, especially for a store inside of a station

Creator, JINS atre Matsudo,
JINS JP (Japan Division)

When I was told my achievement of receiving the most “Good Job Cards,” I was preparing to open our store with my store director, and it was an astounding moment that my store director told me, “You achieved a feat!” I’d never, ever dreamt of being selected as the No. 1 nationwide, so it was rather surprising than happy for me. Thinking of everyone around me acknowledging all my efforts, I was filled with joy.

Even though we worked together every day, sometimes I was anxious about what everyone else thought about me. So, this system encouraged me so much because I could see what parts of myself were highly evaluated by everyone, concretely in numbers.
The best evaluated point, in particular, was “Being attentive to reduce customers’ wait time.” Because our store is located inside a train station, most customers have limited time, so I was always thinking of ways to improve our working environment to make it easier to work for everyone while focusing on a sense of speed and observing around me, which may have contributed to my success this time.

Observe, make a decision, and take action with a broadened view
to create the best working place

Right after I joined JINS, I was consistently being helped by the people around me. Besides, every single time I transferred to another store, I was confused by the different atmospheres each store uniquely had, which made me unable to find the right way to do my work - it occasionally made customers wait as a result. At that time, my seniors approached me to help or give me their hands to follow up on my customer service, and I still appreciated their kindness.

Around my third year of JINS, I gradually wanted to become someone who could help or support everyone in a store, rather than relying solely on others, and that made me “observe my surroundings thoroughly.”
For example, I carefully looked around to confirm what other creators were doing, where customers stood, or whether there was no spot where store operations got stuck, even while measuring a customer’s eyesight. And then, opportunities where I got compliments from my store director or was told “Thank you, you helped me a lot” by other store creators increased, which gave me more motivation.

By now, I think I have acquired the ability to make my own decisions about what I have to do the best depending on a situation by grasping the customer’s needs and the things that creators working with me struggle with, and I see it as one of my strengths. Hereafter, I’d like to provide the best service to our dearest customers throughout the entire store by leveraging my strengths while creating an environment where everyone feels comfortable working.

Hoping to contribute to the store by developing myself

What I weigh in on the most is communication between staff members.
This is because store operations would be smoothened through good communication among store creators, which also has the positive effect of shortening a customer’s waiting time, for sure.
Furthermore, communication between store creators is crucial to delivering the appeal of JINS to more customers. Via mutual praise and encouragement among store creators, the mood in a store will be vitalized and positive, like a sunny sky. Such a good store mood will make customers have a positive brand image regarding JINS, leading them to think, “JISN has a really friendly atmosphere to swing by” or “I like JINS because it’s easy to talk to the staff.”
In that sense, I’m eager to acquire the “ability to convey things” more.

Although valuing communication with store creators, I’m actually the type who thinks about others’ feelings way too much, like, “What would they think if I said this to them?” That sometimes makes me hesitant to say what I have to say. Likewise, there are times when I hesitate to talk to customers, thinking, “If I tell them this, will they misunderstand?” However, there are surely things that have to be conveyed, so I will learn how to convey things better for the store and our customers as well.

Moreover, I’m willing to take a new challenge of acting on my own initiative. I’m still hesitant to act on my own initiative because I’ve primarily focused on helping those around me so far. From now on, for the things that had better be improved, I want to improve them while playing a leading role in getting involved with my surroundings. In that way, I will pursue the path to becoming a creator who can firmly contribute to store operations as I’m gradually developing myself.

※The contents of this article are the information on services and initiatives provided in Japan.

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