Wishing to Spread the Vision of JINS to Students Through a University Collaboration Project ~JINS Taiwan’s Challenge【Part 1】~


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JINS Taiwan has expanded its new business one after another, such as contribution to local communities and collaboration with a university and hospital. At JINS KEKKIKAI2020, JINS Taiwan won the prize of Hitoshi Tanaka AWARD, an award to give to a business or organization that flourished the best in the 33rd term, and their rapid action to increase JINS corporate value by thinking their own selves also brought a lot of applause. This time, we interviewed Tasha, a project leader, about a part of their action. Details of this interview will be divided into Part 1 and Part 2. Here in this Part 1, let’s find out what JINS Taiwan has done for a university collaboration project.

University Collaboration Project Under a Five-year Plan

Accounting Manager, Business Planning Department

JINS Taiwan has been involved in a variety of social contribution projects.
Among these projects, I’m in a project of collaboration with a university and hospital.

As for a collaboration project with Asia University under a five-year plan, JINS was in charge of the renewal of a classroom in the Department of Orthoptics, and JINS designed its multifunctional classroom. Students are favorable to the classroom which has been added JINS-style, and many of them gather in there to relax or study outside of class hours.

I was so happy when I received a lot of voices, like “I want to attend a store training of JINS” or “I’d like to join JINS”, through a questionnaire at the opening event for the classroom renewal.
Further, we will provide a lesson for students of the Department of Orthoptics course to let them deeply understand Japanese-style services and consumer psychology so that they can acquire a wide variety of knowledge which is quite useful in their future social lives.

For a Win-win Relationship Benefiting a University, Students and JINS

One of the purposes to collaborate with a university is a social contribution via human resource development. The other one is that it enhances the presence of JINS in students to motivate them to join JINS.

In Taiwan, there is a law to regulate eye exams which means people who have the necessary training or experience in eye examinations would need to pass a test to receive certification as an optometrist. Asia University has the highest certification pass rate for a qualified optometrist in Taiwan. I believe that we will be able to acquire capable people who are work-ready by spreading our JINS brand and philosophy to students keenly interested in eye health while collaborating with the university.

In addition, we would like to be shared specialized knowledge by communicating with faculty members at the university, and also provide knowledge to our stores and staff. Interacting with that, JINS would like to share information of the eyeglass industry with them. From now on, building a good relationship with the university continuously, we would like to create the ideal environment to be a win-win relationship that benefits all of us, a university, students and JINS.

Confused Sometimes by the Unique University Customs and Rules

One of the challenges lining upon propelling the collaboration with the university was to get used to the unique university customs and rules. To smooth this collaboration, exchange mutual views and preparations in advance are necessary. I didn’t get used to such a unique way of educational institution’s communication, so it took a long time to build trust along with our mutual understandings.
I worked as a salesperson before, the communication skill which is required to this project was, in fact, a hundred percent opposite of my communication skill forged so far.

During propelling this project, discussing each other to seize the best outcome and sharing ideas are demanded, instead of unilaterally making suggestions or requests to a client. Now, I value our status quo that we all brainstorm to spawn ideas and pursue what and how we can do for the university, students and JINS while considering and accepting others’ positions and thoughts.

A Sense of Accomplishment and Pride Brought by the Student Smiles

Though it took a bit long time to get used to the unique university customs, Asia University is an innovative university that can even afford to build a museum inside of its campus. Besides, the person in charge of the university side is a highly motivated person who wants to craft an eye-popping project, so I think the person is the best our partner.
Asia University also recognizes JINS as a company to create new ideas always and seek the opportunity to incubate unprecedented products and plans, therefore, they feel rewarded for collaborating with JINS which has the same philosophy.
I am truly happy that we could collaborate with this university.

Whenever I saw smiling faces of faculty members and students and also received voices from students such as “I’d like to join JINS” or “If I have a chance, I’d like to do an internship in JINS,” I feel a sense of accomplishment to have done a meaningful work through a feeling of being recognized about our action.

Still five years since JINS has come to Taiwan. Our presence might be relatively low compared to long-established eyeglass brands in Taiwan. Yet, long-established eyeglass brands here in Taiwan haven’t even made a plan for such a university collaboration business thus far.
While differentiating ourselves from other eyeglass brands via our business like this project, I’d like to spread that JINS is the company to contribute to the optometric industry in Taiwan.

※The contents of this article are the information on services and initiatives provided in TAIWAN.

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