Hope to Evolve into a Brand to Contribute to Society While Facing Eye Health Issues in Taiwan ~JINS Taiwan’s Challenge【Part 2】~


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JINS Taiwan has run a hospital collaboration business as well as a university collaboration business. These collaboration businesses have been voluntarily proceeded by Taiwanese local staff from a scratch, not to be directed by HQ. At JINS KEKKIKAI2020, JINS Taiwan won the prize of Hitoshi Tanaka AWARD since they achieved the outstanding business results, plus their autonomy and spontaneous action in the 33rd term, even amid the COVID-19 outbreak. This time, we focus on their hospital collaboration and ask Tasha details about what motivated them and how she and the local staff made and launched this project.

Collaborating with Ophthalmologists
to Promote Joint Research and Development

Accounting Manager, Business Planning Department

Now, JINS Taiwan has collaborated with the Department of Ophthalmology at Linkou Chang Gung Memorial Hospital and took action to contribute “eye health” for Taiwanese people. In recent years here in Taiwan, many of lifestyles have changed, and a lot of people are suffering from myopia or other eye diseases and are forced to visit a hospital for tests and treatment. Hence, we thought if we could collaborate with a medical institution, we might be able to contribute to solving eye issues emerged in Taiwan. First of all, we opened a store in Global Mall by the hospital in Oct 2020. Opening a store nearby the hospital helps customers, who need glasses after their tests or treatment, to have services and products immediately, and that’s quite useful.

Moreover, we do not only open a store, but also proceed in joint research and development with the hospital. Because joint research is a long-term plan, there are still a lot of ongoing plans now, yet doctors of our partner are mid-thirty, which means they are young and very dedicated to research and development with JINS. When we held an event to introduce JINS products to hospitals, our functional products, which have not launched in Taiwan yet such as “JINS MOISTURE” and “JINS MEME” gained much attention, and we were very encouraged by that reaction.
In the future, we would like to explore various possibilities by introducing our multi-functional glasses to hospitals or gathering eye data of patients who went home after consulting a doctor through utilizing JINS technology.

Hope to Raise JINS Brand Value in Taiwan via Hospital Collaboration

The toughest part in this hospital collaboration was communication with doctors.
In the hospital, they often use medical terms, so at the beginning of this project, I sometimes couldn’t understand what they said and got struggled. In order to cover my limited knowledge as possible, I try to deepen my understanding by reading materials and doing my own research. Plus, whenever I heard a word which I don’t know during a meeting with doctors, I always try to ask that word on the site immediately.
However, our role is different from those of doctors. Our role is to grasp what problems the hospital wants to solve and to help them do so. Communicating with them continuously, we would like to present a better proposal by scrutinizing how and what JINS products or services can correspond to doctors’ requests.

Keeping hospital collaboration like this project will be connected to the future that people can recognize JINS as a company to contribute their eye health by providing safer and more secure eyeglasses, not just a fast fashion-like eyeglass brand.
JINS Taiwan has appealed merit which customers can buy glasses fast at a low price so far, but on the other hand, in reality, some customers have been skeptical about the quality due to such incredible FAST speed. To erase their concerns, we’d love to convey the corporate philosophy of JINS to people as much as possible while appealing the high product quality and functionality. Furthermore, we hope to raise the brand value or image of JINS by facing various social issues and contributing to society.

Found Fulfillment and Expanded My Dream
by Getting Involved with This Innovative Project

Since I joined JINS, I have experienced a wide variety of work along with teammate cooperation, and I truly appreciate it. Actually, I applied to JINS via a job opening of “Corporate Planning,” so there was a huge gap between my expected work and the actual work.
However, the true reason I joined JINS is that I empathized with the corporate philosophy, “Keep on innovating.” Although those collaboration businesses with the university and the hospital were big challenges for me, I’m feeling rewarding about those innovative projects. Thus, I now convinced this is the job which I’ve been looking for, and I’m so honored to be in charge of those projects. Because I think the old me would never ever have been able to get involved in those projects.

Other than collaboration projects with the university and the hospital, I have a thing to realize in JINS. In recent years, JINS Taiwan has invited elementary school students in a marginal village to our JINS office in Taipei and introduced JINS businesses to them. Eventually, I hope to promote a wide range of CSR activities such as conducting eye tests in a marginal village.
Ideally, I would like to create a service by myself that never exist in Taiwan yet. I believe if I could invent a brand-new unprecedented service, including a product and a sales method, JINS would be able to provide better and wonderful lives for people in Taiwan, and that will become merit of JINS as well.

※The contents of this article are the information on services and initiatives provided in TAIWAN.

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