“JINS 1DAY COLOR,” Expressed Its Core Values by Pursuing the Psychology of Colored Contact Lens Users


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“JINS 1DAY COLOR” is the name of colored contact lenses for adults and newly joined the “JINS 1DAY” series consisting of JINS’s original contact lenses. Its conceptual design aiming for a new target named “Lady Girls” and its refined package design in addition to the appropriate quality and price have caught lots of attention. This time, we interviewed the promotion manager of this product about what kind of thinking and thoughts went into the process until the release date.

Discovered Potential Needs of Lady Girls
for Colored Contact Lenses by Own Survey

Promotion Strategy Group, Product Marketing Department
JINS JP (Japan Division)

As for the project of “JINS 1DAY COLOR,” I got involved in its promotional activities and a part of product planning. At the beginning of this project, first of all, planning members discussed about the “target” of this product again and again. Speaking of colored contact lenses, people have the image of those like, mainly for young people, however, I was skeptical about that popular mind of “colored contact lenses are only for young people.”

JINS conducted its own survey of adult women aged 25-39 and found that, about 80% of women who have stopped using colored contact lenses and about 50% of women who have never used colored contact lenses “want to use” them. On the contrary, the biggest reason not to use colored contact lenses currently is “unable to trust fully about the quality and hygiene,” and the next one is “ashamed to wear them for one’s age” or “colored lenses are just for young people.” That is, most of all women have interested in colored contact lenses, but they are reluctant to wear them due to the concerns of their quality and youth-oriented design.

Additionally, we found out that approximately 90% of adult women “want to change the impression around the eyes” through our survey. In the first place, there are many color choices for eye makeup such as eye shadows, liners, and mascaras. In that case, we should consider more possibilities for the eyes. If we produce colored contact lenses which adult women can wear with a sense of makeup considering their safety and design, we can seize the potential needs of them, therefore, we started to develop new colored lenses for adult women.

Focusing on Building a World View
That Makes Adult Women Think “Want to Try” Without Any Concerns

Regarding the conceptual design, we focused on conveying directly three senses of safety, trust, and backing, which encourage adult women to think “we adults can wear colored contact lenses as well.” We’d put in an effort into focusing on building a world view the most that makes adult women think “I want to pick up and try them on” without any concerns.
That’s why there were no phrases surpassing “It’s time for adults to wear colored contact lenses” when I contemplated its catchphrase.

Besides, I carefully selected everything by filtering up through its phrase, package colors, models, and the makeup artist, based on whether it can resonate with adult women.
Even though I had a feeling of crafting new and unprecedented things, such as its refined package design in addition to its innovative conceptual design, I personally had a strong expectation of “JINS may be able to break the common sense of colored contact lenses” toward releasing new colored contact lenses for adult by JINS. Because people have the brand image of JINS as a major in a positive way, so I thought JINS deserved to offer “colored contact lenses for adult women.”

JINS is the brand to offer safe and secure glasses for “everyone” all around the world based in Japan, not producing products only for a part of some people. If that JINS can say “Let’s have some fun with colored contact lenses,” I thought customers would agree with that suggestion.

Always Think Deep and Capture the Essence
to Conduct Promotional Activities Resonated with Customers

Not only just for “JINS 1DAY COLOR,” but the thing, which I put into my mind the most as for considering promotional activities, is not to be self-centered. I always question myself, “Haven’t I just told what I want to tell unilaterally?”, and try to see things from a bird’s-eye view. We don’t like a person/brand that always brags one’s good side only, do we? Thereby, while shedding light on customers’ needs and our challenges, such as “what is the information customers need the most?” or “what points do attract our customers?”, I would like to make a gimmick elaborately which makes customers get interested.

Plus, once I decided the core values of the concept and promotional activities, I always focus on those whenever I make a judgment, not to deviate from the core values. That’s why it took a very long time before I decide the core values.
For example, to understand the psychologies and activities of target customers, I observe people who are similar to our target layer of customer segmentation, and take notes of their comments by reading posts on Instagram. Then, I consider their entire figures with a sense of immersion, not just only along with product bases, by visualizing their ways to spend a day or week, such as “what are they thinking?”, “what would they do on this occasion?”, or “what kind of things do they buy?”

Furthermore, I don’t stop to keep considering until I find my own opinion by pondering about universal things too, like “what is a human being?” and “what is a sense which makes people crave to have a thing?”
Anyway, I would like to stick to “capture the essence.” Regarding customer satisfaction questionnaires as well, I also think it’s important to explore, “what is the true thing which this person really thinks?”, not be moved from joy to sorrow by superficial answers.

No Perfect Score for Promotional Activities,
but Strives for the Perfect Figure

A scene which I feel rewarded the most about my job is when I perceived the change in customers’ reaction through our planning and promotional activities. Creating a moment moves someone’s heart and affects a part of that person’s life or livelihood in some ways, is truly exciting to me.

Adversely, the most difficult thing as for this job is unable to get a perfect score no matter how I seriously tackled with. In promotional activities, there is no “absolute right answer for everyone.” Emerging a phenomenon which others might not like what someone likes, is unavoidable. However, I would like to keep pursuing the best way to form the ideal figure for all.

JINS is a company always changing without stopping. When I try to express the brand of JINS as a human, therefore, I feel it’s quite tough to find a phrase to describe clearly what JINS’s personality is. I think the attractiveness in JINS is a bunch of potentials, that it hasn’t become anything yet, or that it can transform into anything in the future.

I myself am afraid of my personal growth ended, so in that sense, JINS is the best company for me. I have kept on growing without notice while working at the company always changing, named JINS. I’m feeling the growth and change in JINS directly reflect on my own life, and I love it.

What is “JINS 1DAY COLOR”?

“JINS 1DAY COLOR,” released in Oct. 2020 by JINS, is the name of colored contact lenses for adults with a focus on delicate colors and coloration. In order to ensure safety and quality, we employed “sandwich construction,” divides contact lenses into three layers, which effectively prevent pigment layer contact a cornea directly. Yukari Hayashi, a makeup artist with a reputation for expressing the individuality of adult women, supervised its product designs, and there are eight color variations consisting of four colors for “BASE MAKE UP” are well-matched to daily makeup and easy for everyday use and four colors for “POINT MAKE UP.”

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※The contents of this article are the information on services and initiatives provided in Japan.

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