New Employee Training Produced Through Close Cooperation with Internal and External Companies and a Thorough Sense of Ownership


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Last year, JINS held a new employee training via the internet due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Since JINS decided to conduct the same training as last year, its web training program and the support system, which enable new employees to work positively by fixing challenges shown last year, have been restructured. We interviewed two personnel, who were in charge of improving the program in cooperating with internal and external organizations, about what thoughts put into this training program and the things which are required to new employees working at JINS.

Structuring JINS’s original training content aiming
for interlacing with actual store operations

HR Development Group,
HR Strategy Division,
JINS JP (Japan Division)

Ou/I usually plan and operate a human resource development program for store sub-directors or store directors, so this was my first time conducting a new employee training.
Our new employee training has been conducted fully via the internet from last year due to COVID-19. Although the feedback from participants was generally favorable last year, there were some challenges caused by a sudden change from our traditional in-person training to the online training. Therefore, it was decided that the training would be conducted via the internet again this year, so we decided to restructure our training program.

A drastic improvement was to change the external training program of “Intensive Web Training”, which is conducted 6 days from the first day of joining JINS, to the original contents of JINS. The external training program instructs so-called manners and knowledge as an employed person by external instructors, and the training had the content highly versatile so that it could be used in any company. Yet, this year, we thought to restructure the content of this program that enables new employees to learn knowledge interlaced with JINS’s actual operations.

For example, “Ho-Ren-So,” the abbreviated word for business attitudes of Report, Notes, Discuss. Despite new employees learned the meaning and objective of such a business term, they sometimes got confused about how to use it in their job. This year, that’s why we employed the specific customer service situation in a store to provide the appropriate steps of how to report to a store director and what the response should be taken by conducting role-plays through the training content, which we newly created, to connect to the actual store operations.

Change the web training to a small group
and enhance the system to deepen a horizontal connection

HR Development Group,
HR Strategy Division,
JINS JP (Japan Division)

Sato/Our web training last year had a few unprepared points because there was only one instructor in 40 trainees. This year, we divided trainees into a small group which let one instructor has 10 trainees, so the instructor can take care about some parts that a trainee didn't understand or a sense of uneasiness in them. Therefore, our trainees might have been able to understand deeply.

Plus, as reflection points of last year, the online training may have made a horizontal connection among trainees faded and that led the entire group inactive. To dispel that concern, we prepared a 3-month follow-up training after the intensive web training, this year. We have established a system to deepen their horizontal connection via icebreaker activities and meetups in addition to basic skill training.

All for improvements by exchanging ideas countlessly
in cooperating with instructors and other departments

Ou/As for the training content, I tried to suggest a point that should be improved to instructors and my supervisor by considering that if I was a student, I could understand or not this content, as I always focused on the new employees’ point of view. Moreover, I conveyed the vision of JINS and our core values to the external instructors to let them firmly share these because they are the ones who face our new employees during the actual training. If there are differences between our thoughts and theirs’s, the training would hit a reef. Sharing agendas of the training in advance with instructors and matching the image, and even after the training, discussing the topic to do the next day, we worked closely together that way.

Sato/Regarding the progress of the training on the day, Ubukata, a person in charge of the training last year and also my supervisor, told us that the training sometimes stopped due to connection errors which specifically occurred uniquely on the web training, so I observed the training while paying attention carefully not to occur that error. Especially this year, we divided all trainees into 16 small groups, so we had to control the amount of training and also the speed of training progress to be all the same. After the training finished, we all reviewed the progress of the training on the day with instructors and planning members every day, and we discussed a countermeasure of an issue the next day if the issue occurred. Like that way, we were making adjustments on a daily basis for the smooth training.

Ou/The thing which I realized through this new employee training was the importance of teamwork. This project can’t be done by myself. While hearing the voices of instructors, we discussed in our department again and again and cooperated with other departments, so that all of our efforts finally fructified this project.
On the other hand, I keenly realized a lack of my knowledge and experiences, yet digital transformation in the training is critical as shown internal and external movements. It actually reminded me that I need to improve my skills and grow quickly.

Sato/Even though I was involved with the new employee training as an instructor in the past, what I firstly found out becoming a training planner that it took a very long time to prepare such a short 6 days training. The training of this year has just ended, but we are already preparing for the next year. Knowing such backgrounds was also a good experience to me.

Cultivate employees’ empathy to the brand vision
and send them out in the state of being positive

Ou/Through a new employees’ questionnaire, we have received the highest evaluation rate in the whole history, 96% satisfaction for trainings and 99% satisfaction for external trainings, and that made me so happy. Specifically, receiving not only these voices of “My anxiety to work in a store dispersed” and “I’ve gained knowledge.”, but also “My goal of what I need to do for my customers during working a store has been cleared.” brought me to have a self-confidence.
This result would have translated into the vision “Seeking for a person who has a high sense of ownership” of this company as well. I can grow up mutually in watching each new employee grow. Every step we have taken will connect to the future growth of this company, and this could be my part which I can contribute to achieve “Magnify Life.”

Sato/In my case, I’d set my goal that becoming trainees who attended this time to have positive thinking and sending them to stores in the state of being the highest empathy to the vision of this company. I think because our customers will receive a good experience through their positive thinking which stemmed in each store. In addition to that, touching gratitude from our customers and their co-workers will connect to their motivation and which consequently incubates a good sequence.

Regarding letting each of them have a positive thinking, I was a bit relieved by the high level of satisfaction in the questionnaire. However, it is important to keep having their current empathy to “Magnify Life” and high motivation for a long term, not only just for now. I would like to keep taking care of them while being considerate to them.

HR Development Group, HR Strategy Division, JINS JP (Japan Division)
(a supervisor of those two and a person in charge of new employee training last year)

As for a new employee training, I was mainly in charge until last year, but Sato and Kou suddenly took over my role due to my personnel relocation. At that point, a slight delay had already occurred and that made me think that some procedures which I wanted to add in a training have to be skipped.
Once we undertook creating training content, however, those two took action faster than I expected with many cooperators, including a cooperation with other departments and an external company, and both had a strong sense of ownership, therefore, they were finally able to create the training content added more procedures, so we were able to get to the day with the verification and implementation in place. Actually, it was a quite good example for the HR Development Group also.

In fact, this JINS original training content was completed after conquering many obstacles because creating the content had a higher hurdle. The content was declined one time in my department, but it was approved by giving a presentation persistently again after fixing the entire strategy. Plus, a reaction by WiLLSeed Co., Ltd., an external training company, was reluctant at the beginning of receiving our request. An original training produced by a company can’t be applied to other trainings, and they have received such requests only a few times. Besides that, it was very difficult to get instructors to learn the unique knowledge of JINS in a short period of time. Negotiating with WiLLSeed Co., Ltd. with our enthusiasms while conveying to prepare our meetings and reference materials fully, at last, they accepted to cooperate, so we could reach our goal of creating our original training to implementation in a short term.

This training was implemented through overcoming a lot of trials and challenges one by one, but I was delightful to complete it thoroughly because we all could achieve the high satisfaction rate from trainees via a questionnaire more than I expected.

※The contents of this article are the information on services and initiatives provided in Japan.

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