Passion and Honesty in Creators Spawned “JINS SCREEN Nose Padless”


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With no nose pads, “JINS SCREEN Nose Padless” enables us to wear glasses without any stress. New mechanisms which well-fit around a head eliminate worries and dissatisfactions regarding nose pads and also realize a natural and refined design. Consequently, these glasses have grabbed the hearts of many eyeglass users. We asked two staff, who bravely challenged a project to fundamentally reconstruct a structure of eyeglasses, about their “thoughts” and “JINS-styles” put into this product.

Being particular about “natural look” not only eliminating nose pads.

Tsujino MD
Merchandising Department, Product Marketing Division,
JINS JP (Japan Division)

Tsujino/In the first place, this product was spawned when we discussed to improve “Airframe,” not aiming for starting “Create new glasses without nose pads.” Foremost, the mission of “Airframe” is to “Reduce the stress of glasses down to zero.” Taking on that mission, we re-thought about what the true stress of glasses is that exists far ahead of lightness and thinness.

The more we studied customers’ worries about glasses, the more we found that 30 to 40% of customers have problems with nose pads, like “Having a feeling of strangeness due to nose pads.” and “Nose pads leave marks on my face.” Although I’ve already known the worries regarding nose pads and some companies have sold glasses without nose pads already, my impression of them is most of all those products have unnatural appearances. Therefore, I thought if glasses have no nose pads looked natural, JINS can dominate the market.

Yet, it is difficult to mount all various functions at once, so I made a strategy to realize “perfectly fit glasses with no nose pads for desk working” as one of the JINS SCREEN series. The most important part of this project is “being natural.” We wanted to aim for being natural as its design and offering new perfect-fit glasses, and our designer also highly focused on that point to develop this product.

As I made prototypes more and more, I keenly felt
the greatness of “nose pads” and the difficulty of eliminating them.

Mizushi Designer
Merchandising Department, Product Marketing Division,
JINS JP (Japan Division)

Mizushi/In fact, removing nose pads itself is quite easy. However, I struggled with the point that how to fix the glasses with no nose pads to a face and make it looks natural.

This time, I made prototypes repeatedly utilizing a 3D printer and asked JINS staff to conduct a test again and again, so it’s taking a long time compared to normal products. While making many prototypes, I keenly felt the “greatness of nose pads” again. These pads are casually on glasses, but they have a fundamental function as glasses and I sometimes thought that I might not be able to craft glasses with no nose pads anymore while making prototypes countless times.
If glasses are sustained by both ears only, not a nose, it requires a strong pressure on both eyeglass temples, and the upper side of both ears will hurt. It was quite tough to find the “right balance” between design and comfort without feeling uncomfortable.

What is the JINS-style you felt through this project?

―A commitment to incorporating unprecedented “new functions”
into a “natural design” harmonizing with the world. (Tsujino)

Tsujino/After releasing this product, I was happy because a lot of voices were positive, it’s like “I’d been thinking, ‘I wish there was a product like this.’”

I think it’s easy to show a product, which was crafted as unpreceded and strange, and say “This is a new standard” to the world. Yet, I consider what the JINS-style is to honestly offer a new product which is truly needed by harmonizing with the world.
JINS is the company to sincerity weigh on blending ultra-eccentric new functions into a more natural appearance rather than focusing on an ultra-eccentric new thing; therefore, I think this product inherits that mind. The power of the designer was very important to make this happened.

―An attitude to be skeptical of “standards” exist in our society,
and scrape preconceptions and rebuild the new standards. (Mizushi)

Mizushi/That’s delightful.
In my case, what the JINS-style is an attitude to be skeptical of “standards” exist in our society, such as nose pads which anyone does not pay attention to in a daily life, and then scrap preconceptions and rebuild the new standards.

JINS is a latecomer to offer nose padless glasses, so I thought just updating glasses of advanced manufacturers already sold in a market is quite rude, so it is useless if we can’t craft glasses which’s quality is far beyond of their glasses. And that is “natural appearance” and we could make offer this product as unpreceded attractive ones.
Also, I was conscious of the state of beauty, not only when glasses are worn, but also glasses were being folded. Although these glasses have some unique parts that are not mounted on traditional glasses, I designed this to stand itself without any problems when glasses are folded and placed. This is because these glasses look beautiful when these glasses are lined on a store or a customer take off these glasses and leave them there.

What did you learn, change, or realize by creating this product?

―Realized the importance of conveying my passion
and enthusiasm for the product steadily and persistently. (Mizushi)

Mizushi/I presume that might be the importance of conveying steadily and persistently.
Sometimes, headwinds blow when creating brand-new glasses with unpreceded specs. For example, a representative of our factory firstly said, “This is difficult.” this time also. In that situation, conveying our thought and the significance of the product surely is quite important. Further, we faced them with the attitude of “Let’s do this together,” not let them just do. By all being aware of the need to be main players to collaborate, not as subordinates, they work more spontaneously; therefore, I realized the attitude to convey is much more important than a design.

―Need to believe in the power of the product more than anyone else,
and have the courage to send it out by full power. (Tsujino)

Tsujino/I learned a lot more after releasing the product.
In fact, until the product release date, I was a bit reluctant like “How many people will accept this product?” But, these nose padless glasses have been well-sold, so I modified my mind positively that “Oh, this is it! I have to let the world knows these glasses more.” So now I’m feeling a little sorry for my weakness before the product release date.

It’s natural that we won’t know the results until we launch the product. In the first place, customers who firstly contact this product may feel uneasiness the most, like “Is this really OK?,” so I noticed that we providers have to believe in the product more than anyone else. We are also on a creator side has to believe the power of the product entirely and send it out with the words of “You’re going to be absolutely fine. Go and seize the world!” by full power while envisioning the future, that is the important thing I learned.

What do you want to achieve at JINS in the future?

―Want to create more innovative computer glasses
while updating “Nose Padless”(Tsujino)

Tsujino/This might be a big story, but JINS has conveyed that wearing blue light blocking glasses is good when using a computer, for more than 10 years. And that kind of awareness has possibly permeated the world to some extent. Thus, now I am thinking about “What can we offer next?” And also I’m looking for a way while considering “Blocking blue lights only is really enough?” or “Can’t we add more functions on glasses which will lead our daily life to become more healthy and positive with less stresses when we use a computer or digital devices?”

―Producing a new line of “Nose Padless”
and fostering a brand to become “Create New Standard.”(Mizushi)

Mizushi/I joined JINS two years ago. Originally, I’d designed industrial equipment to be installed in factories such as robotic arms, this time, I think I might have been able to make good use of my previous experiences and knowledge. It has become a product that I am very attached to in that respect.

That’s why I want to expand this “Nose Padless” series. Because using the current structure for future products is difficult, how far I can refine the structure, that’s the point. Eventually, I would like to foster a brand which let customers say “Nose padless glasses are the signature of JINS” while making the customer image directly connecting to the actual product. In the end, I’d like to make our brand so valuable that other companies will want to imitate it. When it happens, glasses without nose pads are not special anymore, that will be one of the “New Standards” that I’m aiming for.

What is “JINS SCREEN Nose Padless”?

One of the products in multi-functioned blue light blocking glasses of the JINS SCREEN series, and removes worries and dissatisfactions regarding “nose pads” by eliminating “nose pads.” Adopted new mechanisms named “seesaw parts” which well-fit a face, in its eyeglass temples and realized a natural appearance, not only eliminating nose pads. Won the prize of “GOOD DESIGN BEST 100” in GOOD DESIGN AWARD 2020.

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※The contents of this article are the information on services and initiatives provided in Japan.

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