Backstage Report of The First Time Ever Online JINS KEKKIKAI 2020!


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JINS HOLDINGS held “JINS KEKKIKAI2020” on Nov 13th, 2020. Due to the COVID-19 outbreak, KEKKIKAI was held online this time. On the day, KEKKIKAI was broadcasted live from a special studio at the Tokyo Iidabashi HQ not only to Japan but also in China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, the United States and the Philippines. An interactive program, which JINS members all over the world can post messages and questions in real-time via a chat feature in addition to watching KEKKIKAI together, was also mounted.

Direct Report from Behind the Scenes of JINS KEKKIKAI!

The day of “JINS KEKKIKAI 2020,” a special studio in a conference room on the 29th floor in the Tokyo Iidabashi HQ was built and professional-like film sets were prepared.

The rehearsal started two hours before KEKKIKAI starts.
This time, KEKKIKAI will be broadcast live on the web not only to Japan but also in China, Hong-Kong, Taiwan, the United States and the Philippines!
During the rehearsal, checking the distribution status and switching screens with each country, there is no lack of preparation.

To broadcast KEKKIKAI all over the world, professional translation booths have been set up in the venue. Chinese and English interpreters provide simultaneous interpretation of the event and interviews while streaming KEKKIKAI.

Moreover, countermeasures against COVID-19 are also well-prepared. At the entrance of the venue, we carefully checked the temperature and sanitized all visitors.

It’s Showtime!

All cast members are ready, and with a sense of tension in the air, the show finally began!
Jun Hori, a former NHK announcer, hosts the show. Ota of HR Strategy Department, HR Development Group and Okada of Future Value Creation Division, Corporate Communication Department conducted the opening act before KEKKIKAI and an interlude act during a break.

At first, an awards ceremony of “JINS KEKKIKAI AWARD 2020” which praises the best store, member, and organization that performed the most in the 33rd term to realize the JINS’s vision “Magnify Life” was held, and lots of comments were posted from all over the world via live chat.

Next, the directors of each region performed presentations along with each pre-produced video which reviews the 33rd term and announces policies for the 34th term.
Posted comments and questions were introduced as needed and board members answered these in-person, and that real-time communication made a very realistic KEKKIKAI.

KEKKIKAI Participants’ interviews

Host: Jun Hori

I have mainly been involved in economic news, therefore, I was very intrigued how JINS has been acting through trial and error while creating new findings in this COVID-19 outbreak, as one of the media members. As I attended this KEKKIKAI, while watching the initiatives of each country, I was truly moved by each one of JINS members made challenges and took innovative actions by cherishing the CEO’s feeling of “Value human resources above all else” even in this hard time. Each of these will become the asset for the next generation. I feel certain that a company which values democracy and diversity and makes sustainable actions like JINS does, will grow more and more. As a person who delivers news to everyone, I would like to spread JINS’s efforts and thoughts to a wide variety of people.

Production and Event Management:TANOSHINAL Inc.

This time, our point is to make JINS members all over the world feel “Connected” by broadcasting live enthusiasms from the studio. Although we were uneasy for every aspect, we could feel at ease finally, because live streaming succeeded and lots of people posted comments via live chat. The toughest part was creating the end roll movie. We shot about 3,000 people in various patterns and combined these into one movie, and that work was quite tough since we could manage to finalize the movie at late midnight a day before KEKKIKAI. Yet, we think this is a good iconic movie that expresses what JINS is. By working with JINS members this time, we were impressed that JINS has established its concept work firmly. JINS members told us about what each and every work is for through its concept and clear direction that made us easy to understand, therefore, we enjoyed working with them.

Video distribution and posting system:Hotai and Kanzaki
Global IT Infrastructure Group, Global IT Strategy Division,

We were truly relieved when the show ended without any troubles. This is the first time for us to get all over the world connected through online, so we were anxious until the end, even though we had anticipated every possible problem and taken steps in advance. Especially the last 30 minutes felt like quite a long time. Live streaming actually consumes lots of data transmission volume, so there might some errors occur in store operations if JINS internal networks are used. Therefore, we had built our own distribution platform for KEKKIKAI. We had repeatedly designed and tested foreseeing every possibility such as destination servers down, network troubles, or distribution equipment failures. We paid utmost attention to the network stability and quality. Plus, we conducted broadcasting tests and rehearsals countless times. Sometimes we hit temporary setbacks, but we could overcome these stimulated by the high motivations of KEKKIKAI operation members led by Goto. Now, we are very honored to have worked with such creative members for this successful KEKKIKAI.

Project Management: Goto
Future Value Creation Division, Brand Management Department
JINS JP (Japan Division)

When KEKKIKAI had been decided to hold online due to the COVID-19 pandemic, I was so puzzled, but I made my mind to work this plan with the key phrase of “Holding one and only invaluable online KEKKIKAI,” not “Holding online KEKKIKAI reluctantly.”
Furthermore, the capacity of face-to-face KEKKIKAI is about 500 people, yet online KEKKIKAI allows more than 1,000 people to watch together. Considering archive videos, more than 5,000 JINS members from all over the world can watch. The larger the attendees, the more this KEKKIAI can move JINS members and lead them to take the next action, otherwise, there is no use taking their time. To make members’ feelings more evocative, we have built this interactive KEKKIKAI that all can participate with the structure and the quality, just like a TV show.

We had to put in three times as much effort in preparing for this online KEKKIKAI compared to traditional KEKKIKAI, however, we could successfully close this online KEKKIKAI with the cooperation of countless people. Through a survey after the live stream, we were able to gain the best attendees’ satisfaction ever, and that made me pretty happy because members all over the world could unite into one. Next year, we will plan to create a new and much more interesting KEKKIKAI than ever before.

※The contents of this article are the information on services and initiatives provided in Japan.

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